Scrubber - NSS Wrangler 2625 DB

Scrubber - NSS Wrangler 2625 DB

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About This Machine

This mid-sized auto scrubber features a large scrubber and a compact, maneuverable body that allows for more flexibility in restricted areas. The machine contains variable-speed wheel-drive allowing for smoother operation and productivity during cleaning. The auto scrubbers solution and recovery tanks are 25% larger than comparable mid-sized scrubbers allowing for less filling and increased efficiency.


Machine Specs

• 25 gal solution tank & 27 gal
   recovery tank
• Brush/Pad: 25 “
• Brush Pressure: up to 120 lbs.
• L x W x H: 55.5” x 27 “ x 41”
• Productivity: 12,062 sq. ft per charge