Scrubber - NSS Wrangler 3330 DB

Scrubber - NSS Wrangler 3330 DB

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About This Machine

This automatic scrubbing machine is ideal for cleaning large areas, up to 90,000 square feet. The high-powered auto scrubber is very powerful, containing two 0.75 HP brush motors and a powerful 0.75 HP vacuum motor, combined with up to 200 pounds of brush pressure, to handle heavy scrub jobs with ease. The machine is also highly efficient, featuring adjustable water flow to help conserve water use, and allow for fewer refills with its large 30 gallon solution tank and over-sized recovery tank.



• 30-gal solution tank and 33-gal
   recovery tank
• Brush/Pad: 33”
• Brush Pressure: up to 200 lbs.
• L x W x H: 66” x 25.5” x 42 “
• Productivity: 15,301 sq ft/hr