Wet/Dry Vac - NSS Colt

Wet/Dry Vac - NSS Colt

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About This Machine

The Colt is a heavy duty wet/dry vacuum series that offers enhanced efficiency and cleaning power. With it’s 1.23 HP, 2-stage bypass vacuum motor, the machine contains powerful suction ideal for any cleaning job, wet or dry.


Machine Specs 

• 20 gal with solution tank and
   recovery tank
• 3-stage bypass vacuum motor:
   115V, 1.75 HP
• Brush: 22” cylindrical
• L x W x H: 41”x 23.5” x 47”
• Productivity: 4,183 sq. ft per hour
• Weight: 165 lbs.
• Hand tools and hoses are
   available for stairs and upholstery